En kväll om grupp och ledare – ELDSJÄL

Anna Brix Thomsen deltog på En kväll om grupp och ledare och la upp fyra reflektioner på Instagram efter kvällen. Dessa har vi fått lov att dela med er, här kommer reflektion nummer två, kring begreppet ELDSJÄL:eldsjäl

#FIRESOUL (#eldsjäl in Swedish) is a fascinating Scandinavian word. It refers to a person that lives their passion and expresses their innermost fire. It is most often used to describe #socialentrepreneurs, activists and others who work to make a difference in the world, as well as those in a workplace who are passionate and driven in their work.

At the workshop with #ledarlyftet on Tuesday we talked about how different the world would look if everyone had their passion as their main activity in life and also how to support those who haven’t yet found their passions in life. How to do that? From my perspective, you discover your passions through an educational process of play and practice.

Unfortunately, so little of our potential is being harnessed and encouraged and this is largely because of our school systems – which brings me to my passion: to support each child (and ultimately each individual) to discover their passions and potential, because this is the key to changing the world: that each of us live our utmost potential and is able to contribute the absolute best of ourselves into the world.

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Läs gärna Annas första reflektion också, kring begreppet ANSVAR.

På torsdag den 14 april kl 17-19:30 är det dags för nästa En kväll om…, som denna gång har kommunikation och bemötande som fokusområde.

Hoppas vi ses där – anmäler dig till En kväll om kommunikation och bemötande gör du här: