En kväll om grupp och ledare – EGO

Anna Brix Thomsen deltog på En kväll om grupp och ledare och la upp fyra reflektioner på Instagram efter kvällen. Dessa har vi fått lov att dela med er, här kommer reflektion nummer tre, kring begreppet EGO:ego

And then we looked at the word #EGO on Tuesday’s inspirational evening with #ledarlyftet.

Is ego that little evil thing that we all have inside of us, but that also shouldn’t be there and that we should be ashamed of and feel guilty over? Or is it simply ‘Self’ and whatever we define ourselves as? Or is ego perhaps that part of us where we aren’t in balance and either see ourselves as more or less than who we really are?

It is empowering to question the words we live and take for granted, because within doing that, we can decide to redefine what words mean, and thereby decide to change how we live, and as such become the directive principles of our own lives. It is even more powerful to do that in a group because we get to hear perspectives we hadn’t considered, and we may realize that we’ve been stuck in living definitions of words that weren’t supportive for us and that there are different ways to live a word besides the one we had taken for granted.

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Läs gärna Annas första reflektion kring begreppet ANSVAR och hennes andra om ELDSJÄL.

På torsdag den 14 april kl 17-19:30 är det dags för nästa En kväll om…, som denna gång har kommunikation och bemötande som fokusområde.

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